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Early Childhood Education Diploma

Early Childhood Education Diploma Overview:

Early Childhood Education Diploma 2 Years Program

Program Description This program offers students the knowledge and skills to work in licensed childcare settings such as preschools and daycares, and to contribute to the well-being of children, families and their community. The course content meets the requirements of the Early Childhood Educator Registry to obtain the ECE License to Practice and Infant/Toddler License to Practice.
Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, you will have developed the necessary knowledge and understanding of various philosophies within the early childhood field and the practice experience to become a competent early childhood and infant & toddler educator.
Career Occupation: Early childhood educator (ECE-Basic 3-6 and ECE-Post-Basic 0-3)

Program Highlight

  • This 2 year Diploma program offers students including:
    • University General Courses – 12 credits
    • ECE-Basic Courses – 36 credits
    • ECE-Post-Basic Courses 19 credits
  • At the end of this program you will become a competent Early Childhood and Infant & Toddler Educator.
  • This program also offers students general University courses which will assist them in progressing into a Bachelor degree program.
  • May waive more than 50 credits into the Bachelor degree of ECE program at certain Canadian public universities.

Early Childhood Education Diploma Program Schedule


Admission Policy

Please see the Early Childhood Education Diploma 2 Years Program Information

Application Requirements

Please contact the college to request all the handbooks.

Course Outline

General CoursesCourse NameHours
ENGL 101Writing and Research I45
ENGL 102Writing and Research II45
PSYC 101An Introduction to Psychology Science45
CMNS 101Introduction to Communication Studies45
ECE Basic CoursesCourse NameHours
EDUC 166Child Development 140
EDUC 267Child Development 250
EDUC 178Foundation in Early Childhood Education30
EDUC 170Health, Safety & Nutrition30
EDUC 173Curriculum 1 - Play90
EDUC 273
Curriculum 2 - Learning to Look90
EDUC 179Guiding Behavior45
EDUC 171Child, Family and Community45
EDUC 274Advanced Curriculum60
EDUC 276Practicum 1112
EDUC 277Practicum 2136
EDUC 278Practicum 3186
ECE Post-Basic CoursesCourse NameHours
EDUC 350Advance Child Growth and Development48
EDUC 348Program Planning for Infant and Toddlers50
EDUC 370Advanced Health, Safety and Nutrition45
EDUC 371Child, Family and Community for Infant and Toddlers45
EDUC 321Advanced Administration45
EDUC 373Reflective Teaching30
EDUC 349Infant and Toddlers Practicum 235