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ECE Early Childhood Education Certificate

ECE Program Overview:

Early Childhood Education Program

Mission: The Early Childhood Education Program (ECE) equips and prepares graduates for employment in Early Childhood Care settings, where students find rewarding careers.
Purpose: To provide highly qualified Early Childhood Educators with the skills and training necessary for them to deliver Early Childhood programs.
Objectives : To maintain a growing and developing high quality of early childhood educators, leaders, professionals, and administrators in our communities.


Program Highlights

  • Facilitated by specialized industry experts and two work experience practicum
  • Theory and practicum are closely related through the program.

ECE Program Information and  Schedule

ECE- September( 2017-2018)

Why Play?

Admission Policy

Please see the ECE Program Information

Application Requirements:

  • ECE Student Enrolment Contract
  • Diploma and transcript in English for High School or Junior College  graduate.
  • Transcript and diploma/certificate in English for Bachelor degree holder.
  • Three English letters of references testifying to the suitability of the applicant for  work in the early childhood field sample
  • Written Interview sample
  • Two recent 1″ x 1″ photos
  • Personal ID
    • Local Student: Photocopy of Personal ID
    • International Student: Photocopy of Student Visa
    • Physician’s Health Declaration sample
    • Immunization Record (required by local licensing office)

Please contact the college to request all the handbooks.

Course Outline

Theory (480 hours)

ECE 01-1 Child Development 1 40 Hrs
ECE 01-2 Child Development 2 50 Hrs
ECE 02 Health, Safety & Nutrition 30 Hrs
ECE 03 Foundations in ECE 30 Hrs
ECE 04 Curriculum 1 – Play 90 Hrs
ECE 05 Curriculum 2 – Learning to Look 90 Hrs
ECE 06 Advanced Curriculum 60 Hrs
ECE 07 Guiding Behaviour 45 Hrs
ECE 08 Child, Family & Community 45 Hrs


Practicum (434 hours)
* 3 work place practicum at licensed child care centres
* Minimum: 4 hours/ 8 hours per day; 4 days per week

ECEP 01 Practicum 1 112 Hrs
ECEP 02 Practicum 2 136 Hrs
ECEP 03 Practicum 3 186 Hrs