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LEC Learning English with Children Diploma

LEC Program Overview:

Learning English with Children Diploma Program

The Learning English with Children Diploma Program (80 hours) serves as a foundation for students who are registering in the Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Teacher Education Program (Montessori) and Early Childhood Education Program (ECE). The students will be supported as they explore a variety of developmentally appropriate strategies for assisting children in language development. Each session will consist of a theory and a practical component, and students are expected to demonstrate the learning outcomes successfully in order to complete program requirements.

Course Features:

  • Eligible to apply for Montessori program and/or ECE program at Capital College
  • Understand the meaning of being an Early Childhood Educator.
  • Improving English by:
    • Learning proper nouns in the field of Early Childhood Education
    • Understand the theory of how and why young children learn language.
    • Development of speaking and listening skills.
    • Development of writing and reading skills.
  • Teaching Strategies:
    • Communication in the classroom.
    • Introduction to curriculum development.
    • Storytelling skills & development of resources for storytelling.
    • Facilitating groups and developing circle times.
    • Introduction to Montessori Language materials.
  • Finding & Developing Teaching Resources:
    • Introduction to children’s books and stories
    • Music & Movement – learning children’s songs and rhymes.

This program will provide fundamental aid to early childhood educators working in after-school programs, learning centres and parents who wish to get a head start on their children’s language development.

LEC Program Schedule

Admission Policy

Please see the LEC program information

Application Requirements:

  • LEC Student Enrolment Contract
  • Written Interview sample
  • Diploma and transcript in English for High School or Junior College Graduate
  • Photocopy of Two (2) Official Transcripts and Diploma/ Certificate in English
  • Two recent 1″ x 1″ photos
  • Personal ID
    • Local Student: Photocopy of Personal ID
    • International Student: Photocopy of Student Visa
  • Student Handbook Acknowledgement

Please contact the college to request a copy of Student Handbook


Course Outline

Academic (75 hours)

LEC 01 Theory 6 Hrs
LEC 02 Music & Movement 21 Hrs
LEC 03 Children’s Literature 18 Hrs
LEC 04 Circle Time 15 Hrs
LEC 05 Language Games 15 Hrs


Observation (5 hours)

LEC 06 Observation 5 Hrs