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Graduates / Alumni

This page is for graduates from Capital College.

Graduate Testimonials

Anna Wang – Director of Earth Child Montessori School

I got my LEC (Learning English with Children),Montessori, ECE and IT (Infant &Toddler) diploma at Capital College. The various programs and classes offered by Capital College have provided me with adequate knowledge regarding on childcare. The practicum opportunity allowed me to gain hands on experiences with children. After I graduated, Capital College offered me various working opportunities with its alumni networks. When I decided to open my own daycare, it was Capital College whom supported me with all their professional advises, consulting, and great staffs. Over 80% of our employees are graduates from Capital College. Now I am the director of Earth Child Montessori School, with 4 Infant Toddler (0-3) classrooms, 3 Daycare (3-5) classrooms, and have over 125 students. This would had never happened without the support of Capital College. To me, Capital College is not only a school who taught me knowledge but also a lifelong provider of my career path and resources.

Anne Chen, Su-Yen – Montessori & ECE Teacher, Day care Manager at Westwood Montessori

“Overwhelmed” …
Was one of many words to describe my initial feeling when I returned back to school after a 27 year study break. Though teaching children has always been my dream I was unsure if I could accomplish with working full time and studying as part-time, especially when I decided to take on 3 credential doing ECE Montessori combine course for 3-6 age group and Infant toddler Montessori. I must say I was scared. Studying at Capital College has been a tremendous blessing for me. The administrator and counsellors of the college combined the 3 program and assisted me my education plan and the most important fact is that their unbelievable belief in me. The team of lecturers is passionate and supportive, providing great aid and flexible studying and resources. Today with the program I received from Capital College provided me confidence and success to be a great administrator and early childhood educator. Thank you for believing in me “Capital College”.

Catherine Li – ECE & Montessori teacher

It was an unforgettable and precious memory when I studied at Capital College in the Montessori (AMS) and Early Childhood Education program from 2007 to 2010. Capital College has wonderful and dedicated instructors and have a very supportive administration team. Without their hard work, moral values and professional attitude towards the teachers, in the future, we would not have the success in the career that we chose. I have been working in the early childhood education field since graduation and I know that I will remain in this field for the rest of my life. I feel so blessed and rewarded working with young children. I believe that you can achieve your career goal, become a better self and make life-time friends while studying at Capital College.

Jinny Ko – Montessori & ECE teacher

I took the Montessori program at Capital College and graduated in 2011. It was the best investment for learning and growing in professional field working with children. Capital College provided great assets to study not only in the classroom, but in real fields all over the great Vancouver area. This opportunity gave me new awakening about true learning from head to hearts as Early Childhood Educator.

Capital College has respect to each student and supports everyone as a part of family. This relationship has been built up with trust and sincerity between students and college. I am very proud of becoming a member of this school and working together for advanced education for Early Childhood Education. I strongly recommend Capital College is the best opportunity where your goals and dreams will be achieved successfully for the future.

Video of Graduate’s Centers!

1) Introduction to the Little Koala Montessori Academy

Video Interview with Graduate’s Centers

Links for Graduate center:

  • Earth Child Montessori School (2 locations)

  • Little Koala Montessori Academy (3 locations)

  • In-Joy Montessori (2 locations)

  • Westwood Montessori (2 locations)

  • Graham Montessori (4 locations)

  • Global Montessori School

  • Willowbrook Montessori Daycare (2 locations)

  • Red Apple Montessori Child Care
  • Cambie Montessori Children Center

  • Little Oak Montessori School
  • Little Pine Tree Childcare

  • Soaring Wings Montessori

  • Woodinville Montessori School

  • Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area

  • Chamindale University Children’s Center
  • University of Washington Children’s Center

Cooperative Universities:

  • Hope International University

  • Chamindale University

  • La Sierra University

  • Oklahoma City University

  • Xavier University

  • St. Catherine University

  • UBC

Requesting Official Transcripts

Procedures for graduated students/ alumni:
1. The graduate or alumni requesting official transcript(s) may download and complete the “Official Document Request Form” and forward to the Capital College with the total applicable fee by mail or in person. The request will not be accepted if any missing information on the form and/or unpaid requesting fee.
2. The Administrator will process the request following Offical Document Request Form submitted within ten (10) business days and an e-mail will be send to the graduate or alumni upon completion of the request.
3. The graduate or alumni must book an appointment with the Administrator for picking up the requested official document(s). The appointment must be confirmed by the Administrator. If picking up in person, the student ID issued by the College or personal ID is required at the time of making the request and pick up).