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Online English Test


Complete your English language test with us

Enrollment into Capital College programs require students to demonstrate their English skills.

Each program may have different English requirements. Take a look at the program description to identify the minimum level of English skills you need.

You have several options:

Send the College a copy of your completed IELTS certificate or a similar English test. If you have studied at a high school or a college that delivers approved programs in English, that should be OK for enrolling into your Capital program; but please contact us to confirm and we likely need evidence.

For many students the best option may be to do our online English test . You can do the test while overseas, at home or at work. You can do the same test on our campus if you choose. It is quick and effective.

See information below to complete our online English test.

Capital College uses TrackTest for online English Language testing. You can do the test while overseas, at home or at work. You can do the same tests on our campus if you want to visit us. We would love to meet you.

How does it work?

1. Click here to access TrackTest       TrackTest China       TrackTest Korea
… or click on your language (at bottom) in any of the links above.

2. Open an account with your email address and create a password; don’t forget to include your name which will appear on the official certificate you will receive.

3. Follow the instructions and complete the placement test.
What is your English placement assessment? Are your English skills close or above the required program requirements? Check the table below. Contact the College if you are not sure.

4. Contact the College to get a code to allow you to take the main English TrackTests. These will give you an accurate English level and an official signed certificate.

Check the English requirement of your program

Start an account with TrackTest.

Complete the placement test. With a code we will provide, you can take the main tests.

TrackTest will determine your CEFR level (See chart). If you need to achieve IELTS 5 for the program you should get level “B1”. IELTS 6 would be “B2”.

TrackTest will send you (and the College) an official certificate. You can use the signed certiticate for College or for work.

​If you need to do some English lessons, make sure you contact us.

With your own private TrackTest account you can retest for up to one year!

You can also come to our campus to do the test.

Contact us with any issues or concerns - we are here to help!

Institution Safety Plan and Covid-19 response plan


The College ensures the health and safety of all staff, students and community by following the official guidelines set out by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia; local health and safety authorities.

In accordance with WorkSafe BC guidelines, the College has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan. The plan is for all campuses: The plan applies to domestic and international students; faculty and staff; community and the public; and external contractors.

The guidelines / policies contained in this document and supporting resources are intended to ensure the same the phased return to campus operations, provide a comprehensive safety plan and a plan if there is identified illness. (see Sickness action plan: Covid-19 response plan)


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