You have questions - we have answers ... some are below or please contact us directly.

Question: Are your programs accredited?

Answer: Absolutely, Capital College is a designated Learning Institution under the Government's, Ministry of Advanced Education and Training; all our programs are approved.

Question: I am an international student; can I get a Canadian Study permit?

Answer: Capital College is authorized to issue you a "Letter of Acceptance" which is used to apply for study permits. Contact us for additional information.

Question: How difficult is it get to Capital College and do you have any accommodation?

Answer:  Getting to Capital College is easy. We are 5 mins walk from Skytrain, one of the best public transport systems in North America. Sorry we do not offer accommodation directly, but have contacts who can help you find a great place to live.

Question: What is your tuition, any discounts?

Answer: Tuition is listed on individual program descriptions on our website .. contact us, we sometimes offer discounts and also some of our programs are eligible for government financial aid. 

Question: Do you have a refund policy if I change my mind or my situation changes.

Answer: Of course: our refund policy can be accessed here (click).

Question: I am interested in a program ... what do I need to do?

Answer: Great .. we look forward to discussing your goals. You have several options. To get more information, phone us, email us directly or use our contact form. When you are ready to apply, complete our online application form. We will be in contact.

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