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Job Description

Roboplanet – Richmond, BC is seeking part-time robotics and coding instructor for our Python,
Scratch and WEDO programs. Teaching experience is preferred but not essential.
If you enjoy the process of tidying and organizing, and are passionate about working with
children , this is an ideal job for you!

Key Responsibilities

-Teach Coding, Robotics to a group of students (optimal size of 2-6) age group 5-14
-Assist with developing or owning personalized curriculum, teaching materials/ aids, lesson
plans, and quizzes online
-Complete feedback on students after each tutoring session to communicate progress to parents
-Perform student assessment during trial sessions and at periodic intervals as deemed by the


• A responsible person who enjoys working in a team.
• Fluent in English; bilingual in Mandarin and/or Cantonese is a plus.
• Availability from 10 am to 7 pm on at least one day of Saturday and Sunday
• Candidates must be self-motivated, positive and responsible
• Valid SIN and legal working permit documentation.
• A criminal background check may be required.

Training will be provided as necessary.

About Us

RoboPlanet is a non-profit STEAM education organization that has registered with the BC
government. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, RoboPlanet aims to build a global ROBO
community, in which there is no limit to imagination.

RoboPlanet wishes that every child, who is appealed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts
and Math (STEAM), could have the opportunities to discover, experience, learn, and share their
interests through the robotics journey. RoboPlanet always welcomes new members to join the

If you are interested in this position, please provide a brief cover letter and resume, and email
them to [email protected]