Capital College

Student Portal Instructions

How to login the portal

Please click the portal link on the website menu. Or use to login.


How to check your course calendar

After you use your username and password to login the password, you will be transfer to Calendar page.

In this page, you could check all course information about your course.



You can click the course list to view your course by list view.


You can check the course details by clicking the course name. (Both calendar and list view)

How to check your payment information

After your login, please click payment on the top menu.


You can check the payment details by click the payment name.

Upload and download your file

If you want to upload or download your files, please click Documents on the top menu.

You will see your files in a list.


You can choose which folder you want to see the files.


You can click download icon to download the file you want and click picture icon to view the document.


Click add document to upload your file.


Follow the instruction to upload your file.

How to check your course or payment notification

After you login to the portal system, the system will popup a notification on the top right of the page. (Only when your course or payment information created)

You can click the x to close the popup.


You can delete the notification by click the bell on the top right of the page.


Click X to delete the notification. Click the recycle bin to delete all notifications.

How to reset your password

Please click the forgot password on the portal login page.


Input your username and email address (the one you registered at Capital College).  Click submit.


You will receive a message if you input the right information.


You will receive an email about the password reset.  Please click here in the email to reset your password.


Input your new password to reset it.


After you submit your new password, the portal will login automatically.

Heath and Safety

The College ensures the health and safety of all staff, students and community by following the official guidelines set out by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia; local health and safety authorities.

TheCOVID-19 safety and response plans developed by the institution are intended to provide a comprehensive safety plan and support the return of international students. The intent is to mitigate risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plans apply to domestic and international students; faculty and staff; community and the public; and external contractors.

There are ongoing updates to the regulations regarding entering Canada due to the COVID-19 situation.

International students on study permits continue be allowed into Canada for institutions assessed to have appropriate measures in place to ensure that the students who attend the institution can meet applicable obligations with respect to the mandatory quarantine.   Please refer to the website below and/or contact the College for updates.


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