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Learning English with Children

Learning English with Children (LEC)

The Learning English with Children Diploma Program (80 hours) serves as a foundation for students who are registering in the Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Teacher Education Program (Montessori) and Early Childhood Education Program (ECE). The students will be supported as they explore a variety of developmentally appropriate strategies for assisting children in language development. Each session will consist of a theory and a practical component, and students are expected to demonstrate the learning outcomes successfully in order to complete program requirements.

  • Academic: 80 hours

“This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training”.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing all the requirements for graduation students will receive:

At the end of this program you will have knowledge of the principles of acquiring language with a variety of the developmentally appropriate strategies to assist children in language development that are essential when working with children.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Graduate, 19 Years Old
  • ESL level 4 or successfully passed the Capital College in-house English test
  • Interview with the Director of Student Affairs

Required documents

  • Diploma and transcript in English for High School or Junior College graduate
  • Written Interview
  • Two recent 1” x 1” photos
  • Photocopy of ID: Personal ID (Local Students)/ Student Visa or Study Permit and Passport (International Students)

Couse Outline

  • LEC 01 - 6 hours
  • LEC 02 - 21 hours
    Music & Movement
  • LEC 03 - 18 hours
    Children’s Literature
  • LEC 04 - 15 hours
    Circle Time
  • LEC 05 - 15 hours
    Language Games
  • LEC 06 - 5 hours

Program Highlights

  • Eligible to apply for Montessori program and/or ECE program at Capital College
  • Understand the meaning of being an Early Childhood Educator.


Improving English by:

  • Learning proper nouns in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Understand the theory of how and why young children learn language.
  • Development of speaking and listening skills.
  • Development of writing and reading skills.


Teaching Strategies:

  • Communication in the classroom.
  • Introduction to curriculum development.
  • Storytelling skills & development of resources for storytelling.
  • Facilitating groups and developing circle times.
  • Introduction to Montessori Language materials.
  • Finding & Developing Teaching Resources:
  • Introduction to children’s books and stories
  • Music & Movement – learning children’s songs and rhymes.
  • This program will provide fundamental aid to early childhood educators
  • working in after-school programs, learning centres and parents who wish to get a head start on their children’s language development.

Institution Safety Plan and Covid-19 response plan


The College ensures the health and safety of all staff, students and community by following the official guidelines set out by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia; local health and safety authorities.

In accordance with WorkSafe BC guidelines, the College has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan. The plan is for all campuses: The plan applies to domestic and international students; faculty and staff; community and the public; and external contractors.

The guidelines / policies contained in this document and supporting resources are intended to ensure the same the phased return to campus operations, provide a comprehensive safety plan and a plan if there is identified illness. (see Sickness action plan: Covid-19 response plan)


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