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注册资本学院课程要求学生展示他们的英语技能。 每个课程可能有不同的英语要求。

查看课程说明,确定您需要的最低英语技能水平。 你有几个选择: 向学院发送完成的雅思证书或类似的英语考试副本。 您最好的选择可能是进行在线英语测试。您可以在海外,家中或工作场所进行测试。

如果您愿意,您可以在我们的校园进行相同的测试。它快速有效。 请参阅以下信息以完成我们的在线英语测试。

Capital College 使用TrackTest 完成在线英语测试,您可以在家里,或工作的地方使用一台电脑完成测试。如果您想直接来学校测试,请联系我们,我们帮助您安排在线测试。


  1. 单击此处访问 TrackTest 中文版
  2. 使用您的电子邮件地址开立一个帐户并创建密码;不要忘记包含您的姓名,该姓名将出现在您将收到的官方证书上。
  3. 按照说明完成放置测试。 你的英语分班评估是什么? 您的英语技能是否接近或高于所要求的计划要求?请查看下表。如果您不确定,请联系学院。
  4. 联系学院获取一个代码,以便您参加主要的英语TrackTests。这些将为您提供准确的英语水平和正式签署的证书

Check the English requirement of your program

Start an account with TrackTest.

Complete the placement test. With a code we will provide, you can take the main tests.

TrackTest will determine your CEFR level (See chart). If you need to achieve IELTS 5 for the program you should get level “B1”. IELTS 6 would be “B2”.

TrackTest will send you (and the College) an official certificate. You can use the signed certiticate for College or for work.

​If you need to do some English lessons, make sure you contact us.

With your own private TrackTest account you can retest for up to one year!

You can also come to our campus to do the test.


    Heath and Safety

    The College ensures the health and safety of all staff, students and community by following the official guidelines set out by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia; local health and safety authorities.

    TheCOVID-19 safety and response plans developed by the institution are intended to provide a comprehensive safety plan and support the return of international students. The intent is to mitigate risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The plans apply to domestic and international students; faculty and staff; community and the public; and external contractors.

    There are ongoing updates to the regulations regarding entering Canada due to the COVID-19 situation.

    International students on study permits continue be allowed into Canada for institutions assessed to have appropriate measures in place to ensure that the students who attend the institution can meet applicable obligations with respect to the mandatory quarantine.   Please refer to the website below and/or contact the College for updates.


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